You didn’t want to go to the concert.
Why? It was not pleasing at all to hear your beloved one’s name being screamed out out by thousands of girls. It was not pleasing to hear them screaming how much they love him and even more… to see how his face lights up when he hears cheers for him. But he asked you to come, to stand at the very front and be there and so you were and when you turned out the crowd behind you,  you could actually enjoy the show.
The music streamed trough your veins, the beat made your heart to jump along and when ever he sang, came closer to the edge of the stage or simply danced in the range of your eyes you couldn’t help but to gasp. And then THAT moment came.
The very end of probably your all time favorite song, making you to look at the stage extremely carefully and then… his half-lidded eyes met yours; his tongue run over lips while his stare had paralyzed you; his hands slowly went down his torso and you didn’t know to continue the eye contact or look where his hand had stopped. Either way, the heat rose in your body and you gulped watching how he smirked and turned around to prepare for the next song.
The concert went on but that single moment lingered before your eyes the whole time. He knew how to tease you and not only he knew, he also did that extremely good and you wanted to that in return.
The last cheers died out after 3 and a half hours and you made your way to the back-stage, maneuvering between staff and bodyguards, reaching the dressing room, where he and his group-mates were resting and changing. Without a warning you walked straight to him and when he turned to meet you, you pressed your lips against his, earning a surprised moan from him and a loud ‘wooooooooah’ from the other boys in the room. You pulled away quickly and walked away with a smirk, leaving him confused and maybe even slightly angry. That was your plan, despite the fact that he would probably ‘punish’ you later on at the hotel, despite the fact you just teased back. Not that you minded that.

-Admin L

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