Anonymous said : I just saw your reply now Admin B.. I'm sorry ;; Memory huh? Though it's possible it could be happening in a parallel universe but yes.. I'm jelly of you and your moment with Gyu. ((he isn't even my bias what the-)) But yes.. 2Woo being dorks in my dream was too adorable.. I felt so dhfsadfj when I woke up

Ah… parallel universe?


Hehe… I wish… ^//////^ up until today it still seems more like a memory than a dream… damn Sunggyu creeping into my bedroom at night and going out the window in the morning ;-; *chuckles*

It’s so overwhelming sometimes to have such cute dreams like yours! they always brighten up your day, right? ^^ are 2Woo precisely your biases? <3

- Admin B

Anonymous said : since everyone is telling about their dreams here, I'll share mine, too! I saw Woohyun dancing and stripping in front of me O.O and once he tried to take off his boxers, I stopped him from doing so xD But I still saw half of his ass xD



Hahahaha is it me, or Woohyun would actually be a pretty good stripper? lol not according to his adorable personality of course, but seeing how sexy he can get sometimes, idk… I just think he’d be good at giving private shows in the bedroom, if y’know what I mean~

- Admin B

Your health always concerns me.

I’ll forever be your doctor, but before you reach that stage, let me be your protecter and peel you out of those wet clothes.

I’ll keep you dry I promise.

- Admin HI

Teasing you would be fun.

Jealous Woohyun? Would that mean hot make up sex later on?

- Admin HI

And that’s when you walk towards him, hold his arm and drag him to bed.

I can’t guarantee any of you will sleep, this is all an act to get you both to bed.

- Admin HI

Love it when you’re deep in thought thinking about you and I tonight.

You always come up with the best ways to please me.

- Admin HI

Need a massage, baby?
I can help you with that immediately. Starting off on your neck… going down to your shoulders… running my hands down and into your pants…

- Admin B

Anonymous said : ok this talk on dreaming over infinite made me remember mine. HAHA. I was in a bus, and I saw two guys that were hunched over talking over something, I had this feeling it was me cause when I looked up one of the guys approached me, I was surprised to find out it was Dongwoo. LOL, he ended up asking my number and his friend was Woohyun who approached us as well. ((2Woo anyone? keke)) We ended up chatting with each other during the ride, and apparently they were my neighbors. HAHA Best dream tbh.



That is so adorable! :3 you must’ve woken up pretty happy I bet hehehe.

Talking about “non pervy” dreams… I once had a dream regarding Sunggyu.
It was… weird.
It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; me in bed, him lying next to me. I was really sleepy and he was just hugging me and playing with my hair, his lips leaving soft kisses on my cheek.
I laughed and turned around to face him, burying myself in his chest as he hugged me tight; the rays of sunlight entering through the room aswell as a cool summer-ish breeze.

I looked up at him as I heard him chuckle, and he kissed me until  I heard a phone ring; and I woke up.

When I woke up, someone had eventually called me on my phone, but the weird thing about it is that unlike other dreams I have had before, more like a dream it seemed like… a “memory”. 
Like I was sure all of that had happened moments ago. I spent the entire day in a really weird state. I could efectly “remember” his touch, his lips on mine, the warmth of his hugs… 

Funny how dreams can do this, hehe ^//^

But it was so overwhelming because I swear to God, it felt so damn real.

- Admin B

You seem slightly pissed off. Which only makes you look hotter.

. Admin B

Anonymous said : Well, well done guys. Really well done. Now I had my first dream of Sunggyu... Really well done. The moment I dream of someone he creeps onto the top list. Hoya and Woohyun are on the top but now that I have dreamed of Sunggyu... Damn that was the cutest dream ever. I was clearly in love with him, my heart was thumping when I asked him to sing for me... Gosh... I'm blushing... Why did I wake up...? (Well, maybe because during the flow of the story, Sunggyu changed to my cousin... Dude, not cool)


The moment I dream of someone he creeps onto the top list” I know that feeling hahaha it’s like your subconscious telling you who you like~

And yeah, dreams tend to be weird at some point or another hahahah I remember one dream I had which was clearly with Sunggyu but then I suddenly tuned around and bam myungsoo in my bed (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ 

(((didn’t complain though)))

- Admin B

pumpumpam submitted to pervingoninfinite:

To B, with love. 

…Oh my god.

It’s like he knows exactly how much he turns me on, he does such things on purpose ‘cause he knows it can get me out of my clothes in less than a second.

- Admin B

Oh please, this can’t even seduce a chicken.

Alright…alright…I take it back.

If someone ends up with you tonight it would be to teach you some lessons.

- Admin HI

Sure, sure. I remember you mentioned something about meeting at 1 am in your room.

You and your secret messages, see ya there.

- Admin HI

What a pervert! You didn’t have to sneak in to watch me get into the shower!

You only had to ask.

Look at the chance you missed..

- Admin HI

You seem to be suffocating in that suit of yours.

Don’t worry, I’ll be there in no time to get you of it.

You won’t have to wear it, or anything, for days.

- Admin HI