I can see myself sitting next to you with that arm draped around my shoulders pulling me closer towards your body.

My hand would be resting casually on your thigh while we smile at the camera.

- Admin HI

Arms porn, neck porn, hair porn, lips porn, Dongwoo porn…

Your sexiness shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

Please be considerate of our hearts!

- Admin HI

Y-your adam apple!!!

Y-y-your neck!!!


oh my god.

- Admin HI

The amount of neck porn in this pic…I’m scared my laptop will burn from the hotness of your existence!

- Admin HI

- Admin HI

This is such a perfect shot. The way your lips look, your jawline, your eyes, they’re all sexy and seducing.

I wonder how it would feel trailing kisses down your neck.

- Admin HI

Oh goodness Lee Howon!

You’re merely sitting there looking sexy with that hairporn and pretending to be deep in thought.

I can’t help but imagine you stripping me in your mind!

How much I’d love to sit next to you on the steps, grab your neck, and bring your face closer to mine till our lips can’t get enough of each other.

- Admin HI

This goes back to Sesame Player, look how these boys grew up now!

One thing we can’t deny is that they’re still gorgeous and sexy.

How much I’d love to throw myself on the couch between you both and just laze around all day long.

- Admin HI

Love your way of volunteering for the sexual education classes.

You certainly won the post. Now, when do the classes start? You said in your resumé that you would do anything.

- Admin HI

Now I’m absolutely certain you and I are never leaving the hotel’s bedroom on our honeymoon.

It’s going to be an interesting month. i don’t even think i’ll get tired.

- Admin HI

Let me tell you a bedtime story my dears.

Once upon a time (ever since 1992), there was a bewitched prince called Myungsoo, he was cursed by an evil witch that made him kill humans just by letting his tongue out of his mouth. One day a beautiful princess heard about this prince and decided she would be the one to save humanity from this curse.

She set off to Myungsoo’s castle and made sure to not look at his face. She bravely walked towards him with her eyes closed and smashed her lips against his making him stop letting his tongue out of his mouth. Myungsoo was startled and didn’t know what to do since it was his first kiss.

When the princess broke away from him she was still afraid to open her eyes but when she did….she forgot about the other side of the curse. Myungsoo also killed with his looks. So in that moment Myungsoo looked at her and before she knew it, she fell on the floor dead.

Due to the princess’s sacrifice and bravery, the witch decided to take away one of Myungsoo’s curses which was the tongue one. However, that didn’t solve the problem since people continued to die.

Later on, it was discovered that Myungsoo can’t but live with the curse forever till every single human is dead.

The only way to stop the second curse is for someone to push him against the wall and show him how “seducing” is done.

Is there any brave person ready to do that out there? Is there anyone ready to sacrifice her/himself to save humanity?

- Admin HI

Hey guys!

When I became a guest admin, I was supposed to stay for two weeks only. Thanks to your love, I had the chance to remain longer.

This would be my last week with you. I’ll leave the blog on May 31st.

This had been a GREAT experience for me.

I love you all! Thank you for everything!

This blog wouldn’t be anything without Admin J and Admin B, please continue on giving them your love and support.


- Admin HI

Totally not taunting us.

Being mischievous sometimes can get you in trouble. Bed trouble.

- Admin HI

So, it’s obvious you’re good at pumping your upper half.

Now, show us what you can do about your lower half.

- Admin HI

Sweating, panting, seducing stares, bare arms; I dare you to not think of this in the right way.

His muscular arms totally give you an idea how amazing he’d be in holding you against the wall.

- Admin HI