And in general, thank you all for the lovely messages! They really do motivate us to keep the blog going so we really are forever grateful for your love. <3

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myUNgSOo n0

-Admin P (who is shrieking)

Sorry not sorry, but I want to climb his legs like a fucking palm tree. That is all.

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After prolonged research I have concluded that the Destiny era had the boys dressed in the tightest of pants, more than any other era. Not that I’m complaining, of course.

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Bless whoever was in charge of the lighting.

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You seem hot, how about you take off some of those ridiculous unnecessary clothes? Starting with your pants.

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I love how his face doesn’t correspond with the rest of his body. Because you see this angelic face and you scroll down and bam! Just… bless white jeans, man.

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Anonymous said : Myungsoo bulge spam!!!

Coming up later on today!~

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Sunggyu ‘Be Mine’ era body porn (just because I thought it may be appreciated here ;p)


I wanted to post my favorite gif from the set but I honestly can’t decide… It’s just too much to handle.

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Ask Box Update:

To ease our work and all of you could receive your requests, here is a list of things we currently accept in our ask box:

That means that as for now we are NOT accepting any girl(you)/Infinite member fics, until we finish up with the already requested ones.

We hope for your understanding.

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Anonymous said : Do you write on asianfanfics or another website?

We do, actually (: Here’s Admin L’s AFF, and here’s mine. Let us know if you find anything you like!

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Anonymous said : I loved the last fic. <3 just wanted to say



Thank you all for such positive response.
If you will request more OTP fics according to our requirements, then there will be more of those FOR SURE!
So keep the adequate requests coming ^_^

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Anonymous said : Wow, wow, wow.. I'm totally impressed by your wonderful writing talent. *.* Your fanfics are really awesome! What a wonderful fic it is!! I thought I was reading a literature book! *.* <3 Thank you for writing such beautiful fanfics, Especially I loved the last one, myungyeol fic <3

Thank you for the lovely words!
It always warms my heart to know, that someone likes my writing!

Stick around for more fics from me, which from now on will me OTP ones, and Admin P, who is a master in writing girl x Infintie fics ;]

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Anonymous said : Thank you for replying me. Mmm.. More specific? Okey, thenn If it is possible I want a Myungyeol fic on the beach at night.. Is that specific enough? Thank you ^-^

That is very specific, than you~
Here you go. I hope you will like it

~Stargazing ~

"Starts are beautiful, right?" MyungSoo said in half whisper, gazing up at the clear black sky where millions of little diamonds were scattered around. He had seen the sun setting, he had felt the sand getting colder under his bare feet, the wind biting him a bit harder when the darkness emerged from the sea, but now, when all those little shiny lights twinkled in the sky and on the smooth surface of the sea, it was worth it. 
MyungSoo laid down in the sand, crossing his arms under his head. “They are so far, yet they shine so bright, so warm that the energy they radiate reaches us, here,” he continued and turned to SungYeol who was sitting in the dunes next to him. It had been SungYeol’s idea to come to the beach early that day, but now he didn’t seem that excited anymore.
"I guess they are pretty," the taller of two murmured and pulled his knees against his chest, resting his chin on them. "Maybe we should go? It’s getting colder." he added and looked at MyungSoo, who was yet again looking at the sky.
"Let’s stay a bit longer. It’s so calm, so peaceful here. There is only one other place when I can feel like that, but for now… I want to enjoy this." MyungSoo spoke softly and smiled faintly. The waves lulled the shore in it’s night sleep, crickets playing their violins in the distance and perfect calmness washed over the beach.
"I guess the sky in night, with all those little lights is the second most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon." he said and turned to SungYeol, who was drawing random patterns in the sand with his long fingers. "Do you want to know what is the first one?" he asked and waited for SungYeol to look at him. "It’s you."
"Eeeyyyy," SungYeol let out and made a face, looking away again. "Stop with this cheesiness."
"But I am serious." MyungSoo retorted and sit up. "No one and nothing is more beautiful than you in my eyes. I say that to you a lot - that you’re beautiful, but you always wave it off. Why?" MyungSoo asked, finally taking the courage to do so.
"Because…" SungYeol murmured, "Because, you are the …" SungYeol didn’t manage to finish the sentence as MyungSoo pressed his lips against SungYeol’s. Yet again the waves and crickets were the only sound around the beach, embracing two lovers for a moment. 
"For me, it’s you." MyungSoo said, breaking the kiss and smiled at SungYeol’s cute, wide-eyed expression, before he was tackled down in the sand, SungYeol on top of him, blocking his view up. "Now the view is perfect," he said with a grin, earning a kiss right after.

-Admin L

Anonymous said : I didn't know you write yaoi too, I read your fics but most of them are just girl-boy fics, It would be better, If you could write a Hoya+dongwoo yaoi :D

Thank you for requesting the lovely YaDong couple, BUT if you request a fic, the request has to include a prompt - a situation in which you would like to see the characters. For example - after a concert, at gym, on a pick-nick etc. and do you want it to be spicy or not.
Do think of this and send it in again, please.

-Admin L