Admin L proudly presents a video, that makes her to rethink all of her life choices and decisions when ever she watches it.
Darn flawless Nam WooHyun -_-

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dongwoo seems to be copping himself a nice feel here.

There is literally nothing better than OT7 being oblivious to the cameras (or rather just incredibly comfortable).

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our maknae is showing his tummy~




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so i was browsing my twitter casually today when this showed up. someone’s being incredibly suggestive today ;)

Ok yeah so I totally have a thing for domestic!Infinite and this photo (along with the others published today) IS CERTAINLY NOT HELPING MY CASE GODDAMNIT.

Because I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to straddle him and feel that soft looking sweater thing under my bare skin before taking it the hell off of him. Also I’m afraid that sofa would not handle the other things I’d want to do, so yeah, sorry not sorry.

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Anonymous said : Do u have any pictures of infinite wearing tank tops? Both individually or as a group?

You have come to the right place with a request for these pics. Enjoy.







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  1. DongWoo has these magical skill of getting hotter and hotter the more you look at him, and as he is already smoking hot, he can turn things in to real wild-fire the more you look at him. He should have a warning sign attached to him.
  2. That blog is well known to us and the admins there have an amazing tagging technique, that helps us a lot!
  3. Glad you like them! Writing always takes time, but we (specifically admin L, when it comes to yaoi) are working hard to post them as fast as we can.
  4. Yes, but we still tag them/call them fanfiction. Currently we accept only yaoi fic requests.
  5. Aaaawwwww. Thank you~ ♥♥
  6. Sorry for the late reply. First of all - member centered blogs on tumblr, secondly - google. In google it’s very easy to type in the name of the member and the body part you want and then let it work it’ s magic. The main thing is to always find the orginal source, whihc is usually a fan base, and credit them. We do it trough adding them as the source in upper right corner of a post. I hope that helps.

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Anatomy with Infinite; 3/7 - Wooyun

shoutout to hoewonton for helping me find some of the pictures.
Anonymous said : dongwtf(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93823100270/anatomy-with-infinite-3-7-wooyun Ohoho the next one was posted (◡‿◡✿)




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Anonymous said : hollywon()tumblr()com/post/93406040991/hoya-damn-its-not-my-fault-that-i-focus-my-gaze

Mister Lee Howon has a MASSIVE problem in his pants and needs momentary actions in order to ease it!

CLICK HERE and may the force be with you because dayum.

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Some Sungjong Body porn, this is so rare it needs to be shared! came across my dash today all pics came from ifntjjong 

But seriously, can we talk about that ass and those curves. Whoever took these pics was seriously lucky!

All these - especially the last one, just scream America’s Next Top model to me. This boys will be the death of ours with his fierceness!

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130908 Pepsi Concert - Destiny (hoya focus)
© 구일역 
| do not edit/crop/remove the watermark

Every single Howon stan and every single Inspirit - this is a must see!
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Jang DongWoo’s body porn for my waifu, miyunah◡‿◡✿ 

I think this is very much needed on this blog.
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Woohyunie *.*Hi! This photo is for you by Hotfinite. Enjoy ;)

Thank you for this input in the purely scientific movement that is PervingOnInfinite. We will file this under “style of underwear INFINITE prefers”. Very, very useful!

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Anonymous said : Can I request a Yadong fic, hmm, The weather can be rainy but they have to catch the last bus.. Haha sorry I can't find anything else.. :D

Here come a bit of rainy day YaDong.
/maybe a bit inspired by a scene High School: Love On, kkkk/

What makes a rainy night ‘sunny’

Rainy weather was not Howon’s favorite kind. Wet, dreary and unpleasant - that’s how he would describe it and who on earth loves things like that? He didn’t feel any happier about the upcoming rain season as a polar bear about global warming, but he had no choice but endure it and to adjust. Yet the only adjustment he could think of was his purple umbrella and either though it protected him from getting wet, it didn’t brighten his spirit as much as he wanted.
It was a late night hour - nearing midnight - and rain was mercilessly soaking everything around, and Howon was stuck in the downpour with only his umbrella, standing in the, as it seemed, only bu stop in the whole city that did not offer any shelter for the travelers. He looked up at his umbrella and the streams of water running down it in the dim light of lanterns and let out a sigh, looking at his watch afterwards to check how long he has to wait for the bus.
Something moved beside him and when Howon turned back a male, a little bit shorter than than Howon himself was standing under the umbrella next to Howon. His bleached, grey-ish hair were dripping wet, his drenched clothes stuck to his skin. The man had his arms wrapped around himself and he was impatiently moving around, probably both because of being wet and cold and because of the bus not coming yet. That all did not justify him using Howon’s umbrella like this.
"Excuse me," Howon spoke and the man turned to him, near blinding Howon with his bright, cheerful smile.
"Sorry, I just want to dry off a little before getting in the bus," the man spoke and Howon looked at him - his clothes dripping badly. Did the man really think he could dry off by standing under an umbrella?
"Rainy weather is so nice, but sometimes it’s a bit too much," the looked at the sky from the edge of the umbrella, still smiling widely. "This weather is nice," he added shocking Howon and the latter could just stare at his umbrella-buddy. 
"I’m DongWoo, by the way," the man turned to Howon and stretched out his hand for a greeting, which Howon accepted.
"Howon," he said his name with a slight bow ans still looked fascinated at the shorter male.
"Nice to meet you. Ouh, the bus!" DongWoo suddenly cheered and jumped in the rain from under the umbrella, even though the bus was till good minute away. He shook a bit of water off before getting in and ignoring the semi angry look from the bus driver walked to an empty seat at the very back of the bus. Silently, Howon walked in, pas the driver and almost unknowingly went to take a seat next to dripping-wet DongWoo.
As soon as he sat down, the latter started to speak about rain and water and how pretty everything looked after it and how mysterious the world was during it. He sometimes lost his thought mid sentence and begun an new one, but Howon didn’t mind. The man was so blindingly bright, the rainy bus ride, instead of making Howon extra cranky, made him happy. All thanks to rain loving no less than a sunshine, DongWoo.

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The light makes him look even better, as if that is even possible.

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